Boring investing is a lot better for most of the investors

Came across this great post and it makes a lot of sense. The common mistake investors and traders alike make is to not stick to one thing, be it their strategy or thesis. We are a distracted bunch and we most often than not lose track of our goals due to media, noise, opinions or 100 other reasons. We are always on the look out for shiny objects. It’s smallcap funds one day, crypto the other. The first sign of red and we desert them.

Here are some passages from the post that stuck a chord with me

“One of the most important characteristics of successful investors is that they know their limits. In markets, past performance is not indicative of future performance, but with investors, past behaviour is quite indicative of future behaviour.”- Michael Batnick.

Stay off the freeway filled with road ragers and random actions of drunken drivers and serial texters.

Stay in your investing lane.

Boring is a better choice than a car or portfolio crash.

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Really good points out there for sure, I do not understand how wrong I was flying from one thing to another and that’s really it and nothing less. But if you are testing things, it’s not that bad to run away if things went really bad I think, it’s just not that good idea.