Bot Sellers or Buyers in Market Depth?

Have a look at the below image


Here the difference between buyers and sellers is huge. But in the offer there are very few. Not even near. Now yes it may be that most of those big qty. order is placed way below and hence, not in the current offer section.

But what I want to say is whenever I see such a scenario, majority the buyers or (sellers in this case) vanishes in a blink of an eye which little to no price movement.

I have seen this 3 times now in past one week in different stocks.
Can someone tell me what are these. Are they algo bots or just a technical glitch or what is it?

Thank you.

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They sound like operators deployed bots to me. I have also noticed, there is a quick movement in direction against these orders (i.e. in this case, the price would suddenly rise), and after that these orders disappear.

In my case there is no significant change in the price.

It may be algo traders!

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