Bought a call & put option for the same stock, will it work?

So the stock in question here was at 11 yesterday when I purchased a ₹7.5 put option @ ₹0.10.

I was skeptical about the outcome of the same and purchased a ₹15 call option @₹0.05 to avoid any loss on my end.

Today the Price of the stock went to 11.9 and the ₹15CE went up to ₹0.1 and the ₹7.5PE went down to 0.05.

I am still learning to trade options and wanted to do so with real money because I believe in understanding my emotions when actual money has been put into the market rather than paper trading.

Will I be losing a lot of money on this trade or can I get out at no gain or no loss?

I’d advise you to first learn before the theory on options. Suggest you to go through

That technique will work only if the stock is highly volatile. Also options decay with time, so you will not want to hold them for many days. Your technique works best when there is some major news about to come which will make the market move violently. I made a lot of money using this technique during BREXIT day. On that day, my put option gave 100% profit and i cut my call option at 40% loss making an overall 60% profit.

Thank you, I am expecting the stock to go up over the next 4-5 days, let’s see how this works!