Bought EQ stocks they converted to BE series, is it possible to sell the same on EQ?

I purchased urja global, which is trading under bse but it was converted to urja-be under nse. Why it converted from bse to nse. Could you please explain and will those converted back to normal eq series? Due to this convertion the share price has reduced where the bse eq stock is costing more than nse be series. Finally i ended up with loss. Can we sell this converted be series shares on eq series(as this is just selling nse stock on bse) ?

Please suggest me, what i can do?

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You cannot sell a BE stock on EQ. In Zerodha even when you buy a stock on NSE it’s shown as BSE and once a stock hit’s your demat the exchange doesn’t matter. You can sell it either on NSE or BSE assuming that the stock is listed on both the exchanges. There must be some anomaly with the price but you won’t face any loss. Buy - sell = profit/loss.

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Thanks for your response. But how can i sell a BSE stock on NSE and vice versa?
As i have stocks in my demat account, how this is possible using kite, please explain?

Just add the stock code URJA-BE on kite and sell it. By the way, congratulations on picking URJA; I see the stock price has almost doubled in 1 month.

If we do like that, it will be sold on NSE only not in BSE.

Once you have the stock in your demat, you can sell it on any exchange.