Bought from NSE but sold at BSE

@nithin @ShubhS9 @siva
Yesterday I bought some shares of BandhanBank from NSE for BTST (02.09.20)
Today I exited from that BTST position from Holding (03.09.20)
But now it is showing that it sold on BSE
Is there issue?
What to do now?

I didn’t do any mistake from exiting those shares.
I also have other 2 BTST positions , those shares sold at NSE but only this one sold at BSE
How did this possible ? ( Even I exited those positions from Kite Holding)

I placed SLM order from Holdings Tab not from Watchlist

So…from my end there is no issue ,nah?
And thanks @Gautam

No issue, you can sell anywhere from holdings.