Bought in BSE now showing BSE price

I bought a share in BSE which was higher than NSE. 2 days later when I checked the account the price reflected was of NSE. Whom should I contact?

@Slgblue Once a stock hits a demat account, it loses the identity of the Exchange it was bought from. You’re free to sell it on either exchange, Kite picks up NSE as default and that being the reason you’d see NSE’s price.

To sell it on BSE, you’ve to add it on the marketwatch and place a CNC sell order.

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Okay let me be a bit specific to get better clarity. I bought the share at INR 7(BSE). 2 days later price showed INR 6.9(NSE PRICE) But BSE price jad hit 8… so now if I sell will I get a profit of INR 1 per share or a loss of .1 paise per share

If you sell on nse then loss and if you sell on bse then profit. Once you buy a share from either bse or nse, it gets to your demat a/c on T+2day. E.g if you had purchased 1 share of RIL on 10th jan then it will get credited to your demat a/c on 12th jan evening and you can sell on 13th and later on. You are now free to sell on any exchange.