Bought Sanofi India for getting Dividend but now it down 13.10%

Sanofi India’s corporate performance looks good, but the stock loses 13.10%.

Does anyone have a tip for me on what to do?

Whole market is down. We are witnessing a global level correction.

If you are convinced about the corporate performance , I think u should average at lower levels.

If not, you may make an exit if there’s a pullback


I will hold this stock for a few months. Hopefully, they will recover soon. And they offer a good dividend to shareholders. The last dividend of sanofi india was Rs 490 per share.

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You shouldn’t only focus on dividend aspect while picking stocks.

All subsidiary companies which have foreign parent company payout more dividend as their main focus is to get as much money from India. (I’m not talking about Sanofi particularly)

The reserves of sanofi in 2017 and 2022 is the same and this proves that they aren’t reinvesting their money generated in India.


In the future, I will not focus on dividends, and also pay attention to whether or not they invest in an Indian subsidiary.

How to check the cash reserves of the company?


Using screener website you can easily get a glimpse of many financial over a period of time.

Google screener/tickertape/finology

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My thinking (Not advice):
it may come down to 6400. and may even test 6000.

Good luck!


In my view if u are looking at dividend yeilds for investing then there is no better than public sector companies like rec, pfc sjvn ongc etc. but the cautionary notice is that these are govt owned companies who will give u great dividends but are truly wealth destructors.

With regard to private sector i was invested in vedanta who gives out good dividends but the owner gave me an heart attack too.

So before investing look at the business which u understand, the promoters, financials and are these companies cash generators.

Disc: I was invested in the above and then cleaned up the book.These are my personal views


It is difficult to say anything at this point as the entire stock market is experiencing a downtrend. I would advise you to wait as you are looking forward to the dividends. But as a trader I would be setting up a stop loss to stay safe in case the price falls any further. But an investor doesn’t need to bother about that.

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