Brace yourself for a volatile monday!


Dow Jones and Nasdaq are down 3 and 4% respectively.

Where do you see nifty at the end of this week ?

  • Above 17700
  • 17500-17699
  • 17300-499
  • 17000-17299
  • Below 17000

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Lol! Drama queen :crown:

market sould respect 17310.25 - 17265.20 zone before purging more points. 18000-18200 is above level , so excepted market is between this level ,if no high impact news comes within week

Look at that confidence. Man, you and that time machine.

God level confidence

I was thinking of selling my index ETFs tomorrow, looks like my profit will take a hit :man_facepalming:

Sure, that’s the point.

Since, you are not God.