Bracker order for generated alerts


I have started using Zerodha PI recently and I love it! Especially the live scanner alert. On Kite I used to place Bracket Order but I do not see an option to place it on PI. There is only an option to place a Cover Order
Is there a way to place Bracket Order from the ‘Generated Alerts’ window directly?

Also, can anyone explain the meaning of the ‘Trigger Price Range’ and ‘Perc Max’ fields? And why are they not editable?


1- No
2- Trigger Price Range- This was available in previous version and has been made defunct after update. It was meant to see the range of SL Price we can put on system while placing COs. Same is with Perc Max. At present, its just a relic of the past u can enjoy watching, it ever existed. :laughing:
You can now only place Trigger price (Stop Loss) here.