Bracket order in mcx

@ Nitin …
When bracket order is expected in mcx

Couple more months.

any update here?

@siva any update?

Sorry, because of new regulatory changes we are working on those things and also on other products of ours, this is in our list of things to do but will take some more time.

Any update on this

Some more time, as we are working on few other priority things, but soon will enable this.

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GTC would be much needed on MCX for overnight positions. I hope that gets implemented too (along with BO for intraday on MCX.)

Can use AMO to place orders for overnight positions in mcx, but yes I understand one need to place it everyday. GTC make sense for equities and for not much active traders as they won’t have that much time to monitor daily but I personally believe as a futures trader which is highly leveraged one should monitor positions on daily basis and should be more active.

Any update? What will be the time period?

This will take some more time.

How long sir, some other broker have available this option. You guys are so long in this. Try to bring this option as soon as possible Sir

Any update on this?

Working on couple other things, this should be done in coming 3 to 4 weeks.