Bracket order issue price changes automatically?

Suppose i put a bracket to buy at 100 stoploss(abs not trailing) at 95 ant target at 105 vua android kite. If bought at 100 two orders stoploss and target are placed. But the problem is that PRICE OF STOPLOSS AND TARGET CHANGES AUTOMATICALLY. LIKE STOPLOSS EILL SHIFT TO 75 AND TARGET TO 125. I have complaint two times at 08040402020 but that executive dont know what to be done. Please give me solution for this.

That is because you are mentioning relative values of target and stop-loss, if the required target is 105 and stoploss is 95 when the main leg is at 100 then in target and sl columns number 5 should be given.
As you are giving exact values the target and sl are sitting at upper and lower circuit levels.
For more on BO check this link.