Bracket Order Limitations

Bracket Order Limitations:

Unable to cancel second leg (order to close the position) of order. wont allow to modify quantity. cant merge multiple orders into one. no square off. difficult to keep track of close orders spread across multiple sell positions (automatically raised by BO).

Lets say that I place an order for 2 lots of Bank Nifty futures where each lot is being executed (partial execution of the order) individually. In this case, the Bracket Order will automatically open 2 sell orders along with 2 stop orders. which means, buy side 1 order however, on sell side 2 orders.

Nithin is there a work around on this to edit the quantity by merging them into one. Because, it is really difficulty to keep track when an individual trades huge number of Lots (quantity)?


Have made a note of what you have mentioned, but for now there is no workaround for this. Exchange took a long time to approve this product, and they have with the present criteria only.


i really don’t understand why 2 stop orders? bracket order will open a single order with a stop loss and a take profit level right?

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seems like we need to live with it for time being. Its a difficult task to close existing position at a price before it hits the target when the position spread across multiple sell orders. Any way, it is good to know the capabilities of Bracket Order which enables us with fixed or Trailing Stop. This feature is really helpful. This also provides margin for a trader with high risk apatite. knowing this, its on us to use this facility wisely. Thanks for your valuable input.

@Nithin - Has the situation changed now? or any possibility of some works in progress to rectify the situation?

When your Bracket order executes in batches. Say you order buy for 50 lots and it executes in 3 batches, say 25 lots from seller1 and 15 lots from seller2 and 10 lots from seller3. It creates 3 different stop loss orders and torget orders, so that order book becomes clumsy. You need to edit the values manually if you want to change your stop loss for all individual entries. Currently there is no workaround for this. Hope you udnerstand!