Bracket Order packets!


In future is there a chance of bracket orders are filled in one packet? As of now BO splits into random packets. @siva1

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Technically it wont be possible to match trades as a single fill inside a BO algorithm.

If you are talking about the cost savings on BO brokerage, by tweaking the backoffice system, it is possible for the broker to account all fills inside the BO as a single order when calculating brokerages.


@bihitayim. Nah! I’m not worried about brokerage at all. I paid 4 to 5 lakhs brokerage alone. 1.5 lakhs to Zerodha flat.

My concern is if all stocks are packed together, I can close easily. that’s all! It’s hectic work to close 25 plus orders at favorable price

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@siva. Any idea about this?


This will take more time to be able to modify stop loss and target orders at one shot for all leg orders. Filling will be in multiple legs only.


@siva. It will happen definitely right? I’m not worried about time. But for sure right? Seriously this has to be done. We already have modify & I suggest “MODIFY ALL”. Can I get contact of technical department here?


It should, in our list of things to do.


@siva Today morning. Nitin said it can’t be done. You are saying in list of things to do. What should i expect?


Right, as of now it is not possible , we are figuring out a way.

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