Bracket Order Price miss

Hi Zerodha Team,

Thanks for adding BO with Sl Trigger price in Kite3.
However, if the Trigger price is jumped i.e the seller price already crossed the trigger price, then why trigger cannot be executed with available MARKET price.
Ex: Nifty Call: My trigger price 65,Price is 65.25 in BO, but due to a sudden jump the price escaped 65 and now is at 67.Current trigger doesnt execute.Can the platform be made to allow to buy at Market price automatically?

Is it possible to work on this?.


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65.25 is ur limit order…If the stock is high volatile although ur price got triggered then the limit order sent to exchange…but during the sending time if stock spikes in millisecond then ur order will be in still pending(as the limit order is less than LTP)…This happened with me in past…