Bracket Order reduced leverage

Hi , recently after the Budget, leverage for Bracket order has gone down from what it was before. For example SBIN would give 27.8X leverage but after the budget its now 16.7x. Similarly for other stocks also.

My question is , will this be the leverage from now on or is this some sort of temporary risk aversion mechanism and there is a probability for the leverage to return back to where it was after this month or so.

Of course 16.7x is by no means any less of a leverage for a retailer but still 27.8x leverage was something and it would be nice to have that back you know, well after the volatility subsides somewhat or whatever.

I am also having the same problem. Actual leverage given is like before budget but the website is not updated. For infratel the calculator said 12.5x but I traded with more leverage mentioned in the calculator and still had some free cash.

I think that site is regularly updated with the current margin and leverage info.

But yes the leverage have decreased like 10 times for BO after the budget on many stocks. Esp the ones that have the highest leverage in MIS which is 14X

BO & CO calculater is not updated. I shorted infratel with more leverage than it showed in the calculater and still had free cash. That means leverage is given higher but not properly updated to show what exact leverage is offered now.

Hmm not sure… I thought that site was kept up to date…

For Bhartiartl regular order leverage is 14x and BO order leverage is 12.5x both according to Zerodha website. Screenshots attached.

Issue has been rectified. Thank you Zerodha. Please educate customer care people about this kind of things. They are not helpful at all whenever I called and complained about this issue.


Does this mean the BO leverage has been restored to earlier levels? Rectified how?

Yes it has been. After clearing the cache and hitting refresh on Chrome the leverage is showing the normal value which it was before. I’m seeing 27.8X again which is good :grinning:

Wow. Thanks for this info.