Bracket Order Situation where average executed price is greater than the entered price?

Two points which I have got so far in the frenzy and confusing Bracket Order from Zerodha

case 1. -If my price entered > current price there will be a market order executed

case 2. -if my price entered< current price , the system would wait for the current price to equal my entered price only then execution would be in effect.

Now the question is wrt the case 1:

current Price =250

my entered Price=251

total shares =each lot * lot size=250*10=2000 shares.

Now would the 2000 shares be bought in market order?In that case can the average buy price of the share go greater than my entered price.For example avg buy price=252(since I am buying multiple lots) and my entered price =251.Can this scenario happen?

As per the above scenario, by considering same example let us say you have placed bracket order for 10 lots at 251 as current price is 250, lets assume only 6 lots available on askprice as per 251 price that 6lots gets executed immediately and the the remaining 4 lots will be pending as bracket order open pending , and system also places target and stop loss orders for that completed 6 lots order

If Once the order 4 lots are also executed after the price reaches to that limit the orders gets updated their quantity accordingly

Thanks for the example…so as to refine,the system never buys above my entered price