Bracket Order target quantity modification

Just came across a situation today with regards to a bracket order. After the order was executed at one shot (1000 shares), as usual a target order and trigger order was placed automatically. I wanted to edit part of my target (500) at a particular price, and wanted to continue the other part at the initial price. I could not modify this order, as it allowed modification for the entire 1000 qty. How do we place modification as per my need above?

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That is not possible. Only way for now is to enter the main leg in split quantities.

Okay. Thank you for clarifying @siva

@siva, can I use CO for this as a work around?

In CO also once the order is pending, quantity can’t be modified for any of the leg.

This is a very wanted feature actually. Because currently there is no way to scale out of a position using Bracket order and continue to hold the remaining. It would be very nice if this could be done without entering the main position using multiple Bracket orders which again is not that practical.

What if a trader already entered his full position size in one go using BO. Then there is simply no way for him to be scaling out of his position. And entering another position using BO would only increase his permissible position size thus making him risk more than he is comfortable with.

Also another feature which is needed is the facility to modify the STOP LOSS and Target orders for a single stock that gets placed automatically after a BO gets filled , in one dialog by selecting them. Because many a times a position gets filled in multiple chunks and its really really inconvenient to select/modify each and every STOP LOSS and TARGET ORDERS in those chunk correctly “realtime”.

Just imagine seeing your 500 SBIN Long BO position getting filled in 10 paired chunks of STOP and TARGET orders. You would have to modify all of those 20 orders one by one realtime making it a huge distraction increasing the probability of errors and mishaps. Esp if you are trading multiple stocks realtime.

So please please do consider adding this feature to make things convenient, easy, smart and fast. BO by itself is a huge benefit for day traders which makes this issue even more crucial in order to make BO full fledged and trader friendly.


@ManishAstral, totally agree with you.
@nithin, could this feature be added please.

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This is relevant, in our list of things to add but will take more time.


And that alone is a good news :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Its almost two years, Is zerodha coming up with this feature to modify target and stop-loss of multiple orders created with single order in a simple way.

I understand logic of creating multiple target and stop-loss order for a single bracket order. You create them as and quantities are filled.
But once these multiple orders are created, there should be simple way to modify them in one shot.

Who knows man… Nothing at all have been done in this regard… Still managing Bracket order is a hell. And over two or more years are gone already and its still the same hassle. Neither is there any way to efficiently, intelligently modify chunks of BOs nor any way to group them together according to the specific instruments. In reality Kite still has a long way to go to actually become a full fledged trading platform with all the required bells and whistles.