Bracket Orders are getting cancelled always

Hello !

Everytime i place a Bracket Order, its getting cancelled automatically.
This is one such instance :
L&T market price is 1260.
**My Bracket Order : **
Price : 1267
Target : 10
SL : 10
Trailing SL : 1
And it gets cancelled automatically. This happens with every Bracket Order that i
place. Please guide me where is my mistake.

check the reason of cancellation and check your available margin

I have got 10K as available margins. The reason that i get is as follows :
for L&T : Security is not allowed to trade in this market
For JM Financial :
RMS:Blocked for nse_cm JMFINANCIL-EQ BO block type: ALL
What does it mean ?

you wrote l&t

it’s jm financial

Just skip the spelling. Just tell me the reason of these messages

bro, everything is in spelling, what if you want to buy nifty and buy suzlon
will you say skip spelling
those both are different, try small quantity of jm financial in CNC if you want to buy that

bro, i have selected the stocks from the list itself, so zerodha can be trusted
with those spellings right ?? :grinning: The reason i have found out.

This will come when order is placed during off trading hours. BO is allowed only after 9.15 am and before 3.20 pm.

This means BO is not allowed in the above scrip JMfinancial.

that was off market place can place only AMO (after market order), you can find this after BO

you cannot place a order with stop loss in off market in any scrip

Did you place the order before the market opened?

Thanks Siva