Bracket orders (BO) reliability in Zerodha*kite*

Hi all,

So, 2nd week of the new year. Anyway, I am planning to rely on BO for my upcoming trades. I came across on Twitter and few instances myself (which were rather 2 years ago), some unpleasant order executions with BO.

Mainly not able to modify or exit BO, which can lead to unplanned scenarios. So, I stopped using BO’s since then. But it’s been a couple of years back. Things might have changed, as Zerodha is the “front runner” nowadays, right!

So, need to confirm the reliability of BO’s from our respective community of traders here. Cuz I don’t want to later run into a worst situation, like not being able to exit BO’s, and sitting and waiting for the war to end, giving up days/months of hardwork.

SO, the question, with your money on the line, will you use BO? What has been your likely experiences? Let me draw a probability, lol.

Appreciate your responses.

Whether you use BO or not, you need to keep position sizing in mind. Considering BO is leveraged, you need to ask yourself if you’re comfortable losing the money you’ve bet.

Don’t worry about that. I have an edge and I don’t think during trades. I just let my trades follow the plan. I am just an executioner of the plan that’s in my playbook.

My question was reliability of BO w.r.t. Zerodha? Cuz I came across in Twitter, some clients can’t exit/modify BO positions. Now, that’s ld be some situation to run into!

I personally don’t like them. I prefer MIS over BOs. BOs are algo orders. They tend to get split if your order doesn’t get filled in one go, and you’ll be charged brokerage for each separate execution.

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Hmm, love it bro. So, my initial plan to letting the orders auto cancel once it hits any of the either sides, is getting thinner.