Bracket Orders in Bulk - New Feature?

A very useful feature would be to introduce bulk bracket orders - It takes so much time after market to manually punch in all the orders that you lose the first 5-10 mins of trade and potential highs and lows for a stock.

Could you look into this please or suggest any alternative ?


If all the stocks in which you want to make a BO trade are loaded in the Market watch and you have your levels ready for all your BO trades you wish to take, then it takes 10 seconds to place one BO order.
Even if you were to place 10 Bracket Orders in a stretch, this would take you about 100 seconds, which is under 2 minutes.

Also, a majority of the clients at Zerodha do not place BOs in Bulk.

We will keep you intimated if a Bulk BO option is introduced in the future.