Branded New brokers are in the market

1- Dhan

the website is awesome better then zerodha - including option chain , they are launching seperate app in web for option trader looks like cool , i opened i love it , there is Dhan community like trading qna also

2-mstock by mirae asset -

No brokerage from global branded


Has anyone seen the trading demo of mstock?

@alwaysshri i tried dhan its awsome , mstock not yet but they are bringing global standard platform -and the catch is zero brokerage , we can save lot of money in mstock , surely i will open in 2 days


I couldn’t find any demo of the mstock platform anywhere (blogs, youtube).
Post your views here when you open and trade there.

next week i will start


Great information! Thanks @TradeB2B

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They even have.

Get insights on your asset allocation and view returns by XIRR & CAGR

and that too at launch.

Looks like zerodhas days are numbered.


Not exactly @trader_dude. There are a lot of live basic bugs (link - to one in their community). Though it’s natural for any newcomer, but lets see how things take off.

Zerodha still have lots of bugs after 10 years.


That’s what, I’m not comparing. I’m saying it’s too early to compare a broker with 10 years of market experience with someone who is new. It’s good to see new firms starting up from India, but only time will tell how they take it from here.


what I am saying is, these days it’s easy for dinosaurs to fall.

Anyways, let’s hope more competition comes along.

Not a good idea to depend on one broker.


Earlier Nithin had said companies will start charging more, as expenses are going up… Trend seems to be going the other way.

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Finvasia is another broker offering ₹0 brokerage.

@t7support is using it for his option selling strategy. Maybe he can share his views on it?

Yes @Nidal. Thoughts on FINVASIA here.

I think the pricing war is not over. It is going to 0 and will benefit the retail. Usually one may think if some one is giving free it may have some glaring issues. But that’s not the case. Its just that the zero brokerage houses have chosen a different revenue generation model.


hai guys MSTOCK is global brand they are in 8 continents currently , when i am working in usa i seen his terminal its like professional way i seen , currently i am using dhan i love it the way he create ,
one more catch is there with dhan is they are launching full fledged option trader app and web . its purely FREE for dhan customers , in zerodha we need to depended upon sensibull and we need to pay seperately for other products

one more catch in DHAN is the API is free , we can trade from trading view public libray through webhook we can make automatic , more feature is there in dhan

Dhan community like trading qna is available

i will move 50% in dhan remaining 50% in mstock , no neeed zerodha anymore
even option chain these zerodha cannot provide `,

Instant withdraw is available from next week in DHAN


Finvasia is good but not the best. Sometimes their platform crashes.
Their brokerage is indeed zero. I have tested it in all the ways I can.

If you are a intraday trader I wouldn’t recommend Finvasia as you never know when the platform goes down. Now a days their platform is getting better but I still doubt that it will continue as more and more people come onboard. I have made losses because of this. If you are a swing trader or option writer then you don’t have to worry.


Never had any platform crash issues with their latest Shoonya web or mobile app. Their free api is also now integrated with GoCharting option desk.

Its not like that their platform crashes everyday but when it crashes you will make losses if you are intraday trader.
One day it went down. I had open positions. There was a contact number to call and trade but when it had gone down nobody was picking up the call. The problem got resolved at around 12Noon and by that time loss has incurred. (I hadn’t put in SL so its kind of my mistake also)


Oh K…Big reason to worry then.

What about trust? You confident?

Btw I called hdfc sec and they don’t need 50% cash allocation and also no interest on collateral margin like it was before.