Broker knows everything?

One of my broker called me . And ask for upgrade in which they will provide daily calls and trading tips. I ask her why should i go for it. She says your profits are smalls. And your current position is also in least profits. My question is . Are all broker houses well known there clients position. And are they misuse them. Is it right to be with broker who has large number of clients??


Except this you are right.
If they employ this technique then no way can its CEO leave alone normal employee can snoop. It’s realistically impossible.

Try googling end to end encryption. They basically use the RSA algorithm which is impossible for classical computers to break. Unless Quantum computers become feasible your communication is safe.
Only if they are really using end to end encryption and not bluffing. But I don’t believe they will be lying.

U its not answer to my question. Am asking is there any Chance that broker sold client data (position) to big players???