Brokerage calculation on multiple buy order and single sell order

Hi All,

I wanted to know how brokerage is calculated on multiple buy order and single sell order in intraday.


Sr. No. | Order Type | Quantity | Price

  1.              BUY             1000          100
  2.              BUY               500          150
  3.              SELL             1500         200

How the brokerage will be calculated for the above scenario?


You can check it under Brokerage Calculator.

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Hi Abhishek,

That is what my question is.

How you will calculate 2 BUY orders and 1 SELL order for same stock.


For the above-mentioned scenario, you can mention the buy price as 125 ( 100+150/2) and sell price as 200 ( since you have placed only 1 order) with quantity 1500. You will get the brokerage. As of now, you won’t able to check brokerage for multiple orders under the brokerage calculator. However, the maximum brokerage will remain as Rs 20 per executed order. You can refer to the contract note which you receive at the end of the day to check other charges.

What one can do, is to add multiple orders separately (by “+Contract note” in one-sided order) and generate Sample Contract Note to view all charges: