Brokerage Charges for OTM contracts expired worthless

Hi @siva,


I am talking about Carry Forward (NRML) trade.
Does Zerodha charges for OTM contracts expired worthless.
Suppose that I have sold 15000CE option Nifty 1 lot.
On expiry day, the Nifty closed at 14600.
Since 15000CE is OTM, I do not close on expiry day.
Then contract note comes which says I bought 15000CE option with zero value.
Does Zerodha charge, brokerage for this buying side - OTM?
As per my experience, Zerodha does not charge.
I need confirmation from you.
I found some what related query here: Brokerage in case of worthless expiry of option
But I found some brokers are charging for this expired OTM contracts.
What does SEBI guidelines say in this regard?
Your comments solicited with regard to SEBI guidelines.

Ramana murthy