Brokerage for each excuted order- the definition of executed order in cash segment

I am new to trading. I am informed that zerodha charges only Rs. 20/- or 0.01% whichever is maximum for each executed order in cash segment. What exactly is the meaning of one executed order? I place a buy order for 100 shares for any script in intraday trading in cash segment. It gets partially executed and completes with 6 such partials. Now, does it mean completion of one executed order or does it mean 6 executed orders? In other words zerodha will charge Rs.20/- or more than Rs.20/- although I have placed only one buy order. Kindly clarify.

Your Order for 200 QTY of shares in the above example is treated as 1 Order.

The maximum chargeable in this scenario is 20 INR for the MAIN order.

Even if your order has been partially filled and matched in different trades

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One order will only have 1 order id. Brokerage of Rs.20 or 0.01% applicable per order id.

1 order id can have multiple trade ids. In this case, 1 order id will have 6 trade ids. But brokerage is still charged per order id.

A market order will execute at the same time but possibly at different prices. A limit order will execute at the same price but possibly at different times. But both market order and limit order will have only 1 order id each.

I placed an order in BO. It got fully executed in several parts. Its final execution was at the stop loss provided by me. However I was charged more than Rs. 20.00. Kindly explain

The brokerage will be Rs.20 or 0.01%(whichever lower) of the trade value of each part.

So lets say I place an order to buy 100 shares and sell them after 30 mins. So they will be total 2 orders so 40 Rs. but what if I place a totally new order of the same scrip an hour later and sell at the end of the day …so even though it same scrip it will be treated as separate orders …so total 4 orders correct? @ShubhS9 @siva

Brokerage is on each order, irrespective of scrip, let it be same or different.