Brokerage for mis order

hello ,
First, I want to know is there RS. 20 brokerage for MIS order (RS.40 BUY and SELL), like normal order.
Also, secondly, how many times one can edit or modify, cancel order , if it is in open order.

     In first case yesterday for MIS order ,for two nifty contracts RS.80 has been deducted.

Please let me know, as I am beginner in this field.

Amol Kamble

Hey Amol, yes brokerage is 0.01% or Rs 20 whichever is lower and will be charged with both buying and selling. You can edit an open order multiple times, shouldn’t be an issue. You can calculate this using our brokerage calculator tool

Thank you

Brokerage is charged only for executed orders. If your intraday(MIS in this case) buy transaction value for a stock is Rs.1,00,000, then the brokerage for this trade is Rs.10(0.01%). If your sell transaction value is Rs.1,05,000, then the brokerage for this trade is Rs.10.50.

No brokerage is charged for modification/cancellation of an order.

Note: If the transaction value for a trade is Rs.2,00,000 and above, then the brokerage is a flat Rs.20.

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hello ,
on 07 aug i done one nifty MIS trade, but transaction value i.e., buy value Rs750 and sell value is 712.5.
So,according to intraday equity brokerage calculator only Rs.37.5 should be deducted from my account.
Instead Rs 85 is deducted which includes rs 40 brokerage in it.
Note - trade book and contract note i receive that also showing Rs 40 brokerage deducted.
Please clarify this .

trade details


trade details

1 07-08-2017 10:19:12 NSE NIFTY17AUG11000CE 31-08-2017 B 750 ₹1.00 1000000001123867 106597
2 07-08-2017 10:40:20 NSE NIFTY17AUG11000CE 31-08-2017 S 750 ₹0.95 1000000001255228 120050

The transaction value for options is calculated as ((strike price+premium)*qty).

The transaction value for your buy trade is ((11000+1)*75)= Rs.8,25,075.

Brokerage is 0.01% of transaction value or Rs.20, whichever is lower. Hence, your brokerage for the buy trade is Rs.20, as it’s lower than 0.01% of transacted value.
Similarly, brokerage for sell trade is Rs.20.

Very well explained for newcomers like me,
Thank you

Consider the following scenario :

If I have bought 500 shares @ 275; total traded value 137500 on MIS

Now, I book part profits by selling 250 shares @ 278 on MIS after 1 hour

then after 30 mins if I sell the balance 250 shares @ 277 in MIS.

Now, Here am I charged Rs 20 per trade which ends up to be a total of Rs 60 for three executed trades or I’m still charged only Rs 20 to buy and Rs 20 to sell 500 shares

You have executed 3 orders in this case, Your brokerage will be 20+20+20 = 60.

In the above example, if I place order for 20 lots in MIS order - at market or limit order and it get executed at different prices say for eg 5 different prices then my brokerage will be 20*5 = 100 or only rs 20?
Thanks in Advance

You are charged only for the primary order, so brokerage will be 20.

Thanks for prompt reply :blush: