Brokerage for multiple orders of same stock?

I place a 100 Shares, CNC Order of KOTAK Bank for ₹ 1780/-. It was executed.
Then, when the price dropped, I place 100 Shares CNC Order of KOTAK Bank for ₹ 1770/-.It was also executed.

My question is, Will the brokerage be the same as placing 200 Shares CNC Order of Kotak Bank for ₹ 1775/- ?

Does placing multiple small orders of the same Stock have any disadvantage against placing one large order of the same stock (CNC) ?

Brokerage is charged on per executed order. But if you’re buying shares for delivery, there is no brokerage. Only statutory charges like STT, Exchange Transaction Charges, Stamp Duty etc. will be applicable. You can easily calculate the charges here.

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As I calculated, there are only minuscule differences.

As separate order ( Charges paid )

212.13+210.94 = ₹ 423.07 + 13.5 + GST

As Single order

(1775* 200) - 355423.06 = ₹ 423.06 + 13.5 + GST

Hence instead of one order, one can place many small orders.