Brokers allowing to sell pledged securities without needing to unpledge them

Hey, any idea which brokers allow selling pledged securities without the need to unpledge them a day before and further, allow 80% of the credit received to buy other stocks on the same day? With intra day margins increasing, this facility is bound to gain importance. Zerodha requires a prior day request, that too before 2 PM. As of now i think Angel Broking and Alice Blue are the prominent ones which allow the above. Any idea guys?

@nithin @siva its high time you guys have to start looking this issue. else people will start shifting to other brokers. Its really a opportunity lost. Clients have been waiting for few months now.


Yeah, most likely in next two months we should be ready with this.


Any ETA of this feature ? Selling without unpledging ?

  • Also what happens if we sell without unpledging ?

Is this feature active now @siva

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Not yet, working on this.

@siva any updates on this? another 5 months have passed.

@siva any update on unpledge same day?

This is probably not a priority anymore?

Motilal let selling pledge shares without unpledging them

This is still a WIP, will update once it is ready.

By when?

Many times we lose opportunity :frowning: Today lost opportunity in HUL and IRCTC

I just mentioned the same I another post. I placed unpledged request today at 1PM to sell tomorrow. But apparently I was too late.


My friend you had given a time of 2 month on March 2021

Its been a year now and we are still not able to sell pledged shares. Why ?


Any update on this?

@siva @MohammedFaisal

Zerodha folks are probably busy making cutting edge applications. An update of the possibility of an update will be soon updated :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We’re working on it, Rahul. Will keep you updated.

Today is the day I wish this facility was available. One of my illiquid securities is quoting at a premium but I have the instrument pledged. :frowning:

I wanted this yesterday. Wanted to sell Sbi cards at 1025. But then I sold in futures to make sure I got what I wanted. Unnecessary extra cost.

Imagine if I had unpledged yesterday to sell today. It’s at 950s now.

I placed the unpledge request before 3:30pm today but haven’t received any confirmation yet. @ShubhS9 Can you look into it? I’m PMing you my client ID.