Broking goes Mainstream - Dec 2021

“From personal trainers, to cab drivers, to prominent business people, almost everyone seems to be slowly and steadily increasing their exposure to stock markets. I have, like many others, been questioning what all of this growth means for the capital markets, and in turn, for the country. I thought I should answer a frequently asked question around user growth, share some learnings, and as we head into the new year, maybe also take a shot at predicting the future of the broking businesses.” By @nithin


Brilliant post :clap::heart_eyes:

2022 reminds of that old Chinese curse “may you live in interesting times”

This is absolutely brilliant !!! @nithin This one post basically summaries the essence of what the stock broking industry has gone through in the last 18-24 months and what is the way forward for the industry.

I spend good amount of my time reading research reports about various sectors.

I must confess this one is absolutely one of its kind blog which covers every nuance about the industry including numbers and most importantly, whats driving the numbers.

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Amazed! :clap:

The article itself summarizes the reason behind businesses that stay and do well in the long run. Apart from the customer growth and the value addition a business provides, it is very much important to know how the industry works and the current trend of it in the market.

Analyzing and comparing the old investors with the young folks was something that got me thinking about how the pattern has changed over the years.

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Indeed man. How are you doing ? Missing your insightful posts of late.

Congrats @nithin, you made Stock Broking into what it currently is. You have proved you don’t need to be a jerk to make it in finance. You made a profession that was considered to be full of jerks, and scalpers into something these IIT-IIM waalas want to replicate and join. This is how it’s done.

There will come a time, I don’t know when, when someone somewhere will finally ask. How many Stock Brokers does the world really need. May that day come soon. Will be a Zerodha user forever. Thanks for this, Thanks for changing the game.

Great analysis and thought process Nithin. I am a Zerodha user since your begining days around 2010s. The growth in number of accounts, your platform and innovation is absolutely amazing. If you keep this innovation going there is no stopping Zerodha. Look at thinkorswim, interactive brokers and their platforms. You can start with integrating Sensibull, Streak, Sentinel etc… with in kite and keep the price reasonable. This will be nothing like Zerodha in India.
Keep up the good work.

Excellent and valuable advise.

This reply is for the topic of switching off after “busy-ness” hours.

No, disconnecting phones, emails, social media etc. will not help. You can disconnect any of such things, but you can not disconnect your mind!! The trick is to disconnect the mind.

One must practice a meditation technique like Vipassana on a daily basis. Late Sri. S N Goenka’s organisation conducts wonderful and free 10-day residential Vipassana meditation retreats in various cities of India throughout the year. Participate in one such retreat to learn Vipassana meditation and then practice it twice daily for a minimum of 20 mins.

This is the best way to disconnect our mind from any topic on a short-term or long-term basis. Otherwise, the mind will keep racing like a car engine and cause slow destruction to the being.

Btw, how many out there are successful in disconnecting from “busy-ness” by only disconnecting oneself from external connections like phone, email, social media etc.?

Sometimes I wonder how someone can be so open. Actually telling people that full-time trading can be stressful, nudge clients, and losing revenue in the short term. Excellent Post. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wonderfully scripted 'Broking goes Mainstream - Dec 2021. The ‘add on’ which Zerodha provides to its clients, is the extra mile, which acts as a silent canvassing agent for its new clients. A proactive service provider, who has been able to establish 'on line" for all its activities, will take the old and as well as the young generation to a long way, irrespective of market behaviour during times of ups and downs. Well done Zerodha.

Happy new year @Nithin. We indeed are in exciting times for growth in Indian markets and this is not limited to certain section, it’s all over.

But as you said, it’s much more about sustaining it, and helping traders sustain. Which you guys are already doing great job with, with Nudges. Kudos :clap::clap:

Beautiful penned down, Nitin!
Love your focus on Varsity and how you want to educate traders. Interesting times like you mentioned, let’s see what more the market has in store for us.

Truly, these are exciting times for financial markets in India. This is nothing short of financial revolution happening right now. The advent of digitalisation of the society with cheap internet, aadhar card based joining, easy access to financial knowledge and huge young and aspiring youth are the right ingredients for bringing about the financial revolution in our country. I am very sure, the trading and investing activity will only pick up when the market goes down. This trend is here to stay.
I do hope that we see the rise of a few investing and trading billionaires in our generation from India. They will be an inspiration for the future generations and therefore keep attracting more people into the industry.

Amazing man. Zerodha is user friendly app with good interface. Nudges are also good and keep alerting to people.
Your vision is amazing. I think Zerodha should bring something like if anyone bear a loss in Cash Market/ F&O he can spend some time on Zerodha portal for refreshing his mind. Where he can find such stories of big people who did mistakes but they handled their mindset properly.
As we all know this its a very frustrating situation for a trader when he book losses. It’s my vision hope you get what I want to say.

I’m waithing for the day when I’ll be trading Zerodha on Zerodha

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