BSDA account related for multiple accounts

I want to know if i have multiple Demat accounts with different brokers but no transaction is done and only one account is used then it will be considered as BSDA (if under 200000 rs) or not.
Should i close all other accounts to avail this facility. @siva @VenuMadhav

For your account to be considered as BSDA, you should be holding only one demat account across depositories. As you’re holding multiple demat accounts, you will have to close those to avail this facility. You can check out more information on this here.

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and if the other account is a joint account in which i am secondary holder then.

Yes, you will be eligible for BSDA provided no other Demat account exists under the same PAN as a first/sole holder across the depositories and the value of the securities held in the Demat account shall not exceed Rs. two lakhs.