BSE Futures Margin requirement

a) What is margin required for trading in BSE Futures, Index Future and stock Future.

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The margin for trading is Sensex Futures (BSX) is around 32k as of today. This includes SPAN + EXPOSURE margin.[SPAN 23K + EXP 9K] This may vary from broker to broker as the exposure margin is controlled by the broker. However the SPAN is constant across brokers which floats between 7-8% for Index futures. For stock futures the margins should be pretty much the same as in NSE.

Its better to check with individual brokers to get the exact figure.

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Approx 32k as of 21st March 2014 for one contract of 15 qty…

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The only futures active presently on BSE are Sensex and BSE 100. Margin requirement is very similar to Nifty which is around 10% of the contract value.

Since the lotsize is 15, Sensex around 22000, the contract is around 3.2lks and hence the margin required is 10% of this which is around 32k