Btst at opening bell from top gainer when nifty is up


btst at opening bell from top gainer when nifty is up…is that possible?kindly give me ur revie,i’m new on this market


Can you please explain this a bit further?

Do you wish to buy a top gainer today when Nifty is up and hope it will move up tomorrow at opening bell as well so you can sell it at a higher price?


yes,exactly what i want say…

only when nifty is up…i’m buying shares today on last closing price and sell at market price tommorrow…


You have to have some way of figuring out if the stock and/or the index will open higher the next day. Read this for some pointers.


I am unable to understand what you are actually looking for. But hopefully you want some trading idea just after the opening bell. You can check this open high low scanner. I have created this and it is based on simple logic. Results are quiet accurate. But you can test and give me feedback. You can check this page 5-10 minutes after the opening bell.