BTST from Dec 2020

I am still confused about btst. Can we still do equity btst(CNC) or the T+2 rule has totally removed it from the game?

Hi Atharva, you can continue to do BTST, no changes in this.

Only change is, the next day when you sell shares from your holdings, 20% of the sale value will be blocked and you will be able to use only 80% on same day for other purposes.

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Alright great!
Thanks for the quick response Shubh.

But what if we did BTST and did intraday with the proceeds and then bought back the stock that we did BTST with? Is there gonna be a problem like margin shortfall or not? I know what the rules are for T+2 day, it just occurred to me if the same rules apply for T+1 day as well or not.

If you sell your holdings, do Intraday trades and buy back the shares at the end of the day, there can potentially be peak margin penalty if funds recieved from sale of holdings are the only funds available in your account. This has been explained in this post.