BTST Query and Squaring off the position

I Bought HDFC BAnk 50 Shares Yesterday. Took Delivery. It was in T+1 Account.
I Sold it Today 50 Shares.
Then, I Again Bought 50 Shares.
Does it Mean I squared off the Position of yesterday? Or created New Position?
Right now again 50 shares are showing in T+ Account and P & L Gain on 1K from the Shortsell.

Its Quite confusing. Can anyone please help me out understanding the current position of HDFC BAnk in my Account?

This will be considered as Intraday trade and the buy average will not change & the units also will reflect in your Kite holdings under T1 status until settled.

Your P&L will be shown based on the difference between the sell and buy values of today. More information here.

Charges for this trade will be applicable as explained here.

Thank you Shruti for your reply. The concept is much clear is now.

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