BTST query on settlement holiday

If i buy a stock on 18-Oct-wednesday, I cant do a BTST on 19-Oct ( THU ) as its a settlement holiday on 19-Oct ( Muhurat trading ), and 20-Oct ( FRI ) is also a holiday due to Diwali-Balipratipada.

So, can I do a BTST on Mon-23-Oct ? for the stocks bought on 18-Oct-wednesday ?

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Anyone who might answer ?

@Bhuvan Please Answer This Query Admin.
Thank You.

Yes, you can. :slight_smile:

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Off course yes, because 23/10 is like any other full trading day. Just like if you buy a share on Friday, it can be sold on Monday.

Thanks Bhuvanesh !

If you bought shares on 18th Oct(Wed), then since 19th Oct is a settlement holiday and 20th, 21st and 22nd Oct are trading holidays, 23rd Oct(Mon) will be considered as T+1 day and 24th Oct(Tue) will be T+2 day. So if you sell your shares on 23rd Oct(Mon), it will be considered as a BTST trade.