Btst rules and regulation

if i buy a stock A at price 100 at 2/4/2019 and sell at price 120 AT 20/4/219 at 9:30 AM. after selling stock falls ,if we buyback stock A at price 95 at 20/4/19 at 1:00 pm what will be the scenario in this case ? what will be the profit/loss calculation in this case ?

OBSERVATION ( indusind bank- 22/4/19 /type -BTST)
BUY PRICE-1690 @22/4/19
SELL [email protected]/4/19 profit- +18 points
at 23/4/19 it showed in position with (SELL ) and price fall upto 1650 and profit was shown 55 points .
In that case if i would buy it what would be the calculation except +18 points BTST?
could i get that profit of +58 points which was shown?
thank you