BTST stocks are there?

Hi @ShubhS9 are there any stocks in BTST CATEGORY OR STBT CATEGORY.
Frequently people are mentioning BTST is it possible ? as it was T+2 settlement till jan 25. i am confused kindly clarify

There is no seperate category for BTST (Buy Today Sell Tomorrow). You can do BTST on any stock, except those that are in trade-to-trade segment, stocks in T2T can be sold only once they are credited to your demat account. You can learn more about T2T here.

Regarding STBT (Sell Today Buy Today), in equity segment you cannot carry over short position overnight so STBT is not possible. You can carry short position overnight only in derivatives or through SLB (Securities Lending and Borrowing). You can learn more about SLB here:


thank u