Example: I bought some shares yesterday((T day) using cnc. What option should I use while selling it today(T+1 DAY) to successfully complete the trade as BTST ? CNC or MIS ? Also if I chose whichever answer you say, how and when will I get to know that my BTST trade was completed successfully. ? Does an entry of sell inside the tradebook denote BTST was completed successfully ?

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you should sell with product type CNC only, as it is T+1 it will take automatically by the end of the day.

Trade book will show normal as it is as CNC. and in T+2 delivery will not happen as the shares are cleared.

do u mean there will be no entry in the tradebook window ?

entry will be there but not as BTST , it is will there as CNC

if i buy cnc shares in monday,i sell same in BTST (Tuesday),
in this case

i sell shares which i actually didnt have

1)when i didnot able to sell shares with in DATE because of my buy trade delay"
(in Brief if someone sell shares to me which he did nt have,so auction will happen and cause delay to me)

in this time i sell shares which actually i didnt have,i am not able to know my buy trade is to be Delay,but i sell according to BTST

so it cause any charges like auction charges for me also

if i don’t give POA , not give E-DIS , not give DIS , not signed Easiest : ::::: can i do BTST ? or will it go in Auction ?