Building your Portfolio dividend yield

Is there a way to find out the over all dividend yield of my portfolio?

Here is what I do: divide the total amount of dividends that I got in an FY, with the maximum invested amount during any time in the FY.

It it can be done only if you have the stocks in your portfolio.

But I want to calculate what could have been the dividend yield if a stock is added to my portfolio.

In other words ,create a fund of my own as a wish list and I want to track its dividend yield performance before I implemented it.

I don’t know of an automatic way of doing this, sorry.

MarketsMojo might be helpful for this. While answering a query, I had created a mock portfolio on it and when checking that now, it seems to be tracking dividends for that mock portfolio. Even though it is not calculating the dividend yields automatically, it should possible to that manually as it keeps track of dividend payouts happening for each stock -