Bull call spread

I have make 2 leg transaction
Buy one call option contract (ATM)
Sell one Call option contract (OTM)

Suddenly market bearish side
i will deiced to close my Premium Paid option Contract ( Buy Call option ATM)

premium Paid -100
Premium Received-25

but i have close 85 (Leg 1)

Scenorio 2]
Market is move upside

I have close (leg 2)

take profit for buy call option (leg 1)
Its possible to close or not

Hey, you will be able to close one of the legs. However, if you close your buy leg, you need to ensure that there is enough margin available in your account to cover up the margin requirement for your short position. A shortfall in the margin will result in a margin penalty which will be levied upon by the exchange.

You can learn more about this here