Burning Hot computers & Super slow charts!

very unfortunate that Kite is not fixed yet, I was under the impression that the charts were fixed on Friday- it was working fine… with some teething issues But to my surprise

1.Kite charts are now not opening saved preference (i have cleared chached data, history,cookies - this fix is not working )
2. Kite takes very long time to open, its extremely slow.
3. I am using Mac OS Sierra- and it is using almost 90% of the computer & its burning HOT!.

someone please let me know what to do and when will this mess get fixed…

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  1. Once you delete cache data etc etc… the preference gets removed. Preference/layout is stored locally.
    2/3. We have tried in multiple connections, this seems fine here. If you have any ticket number, leave it here we will call you back. Also can you try on chrome.