BUy sell in 1 strategy

When 10 period EMA will cross above 13 period EMA , we will go long. When 13 period EMA will cross below 10 period EMA we will exit from long and short. This should continue

SL and TP 99 %

I don’t think this can be done in a single strategy maybe you’d have to create two independent strategies one for going long and another for going short.
Could you please elaborate on it @Streak

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You are correct @Chetan_Nahata

Streak currently does not support Long-Short conditions in a single strategy. You can only go either Long or Short and hence you need to create two different strategies. One for Long and another for short to take both Long and Short trades.

@Raj_K If you want to enter into a strategy after the exit from the first strategy has happened and vice versa then you can create opposite conditions for entry and exit i.e. the exit conditions of the first strategy will be the entry conditions for the second strategy.

You can refer to the below conditions based on our understanding of your Buy requirement-

You can simply create the sell conditions using the same logic.