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Need Indian stock market software that creates buy and sell signals as well as alerts against that…please provide details of the same here?

answers are welcome.

You can use Zerodha Pi which creates signals and alerts as well.

you can check the demo here

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Dear Zerodha Traders,
Primarily in System Based Trading or Rule Based Trading, your AFL’s or EA’s will lead you by 20% of your Role.
Other 80% weightage goes to Trade Management, Money Management and Stock Selection.
Even in the 20% of the RBT process, the below things most of the people dont consider:

  1. Hidden Enemy in the market is Slippage (When you are Technical Trader, it applies).
  2. While Backtesting the system most of the Developers or the New comers never include their
    Slippages, that is the Biggest Mistake most of the people does.
  3. When they Go Live in the Market, system is generating Profits but in real-book they are taking lesser profits.
  4. Script Selection is another Major thing. If you are selecting 5000 per crore as a slippage this will work the Stocks which have BID-ASK spread very minimum.
  5. For Ex: IF I am Trading in RELINFRA, Average Traded Price is 500 (Assuming), slippage you can expect is 0.05 paise to 0.20 paise at each side. So, it will be around 0.10 pasie to 0.40 paise = INR 130 - 520 (1300 Lot size. It will become 1300-5200 per crore volume.
  6. If you are trading with HDIL or any script which is traded averagley below 150 stock price has HUGE impact as a Slippage. HDIL Slippage = 0.10 - 0.20 paise on round trip - which will be 6000 - 12000 per crore transactions.
  7. This is my personal Observation, it may vary from trader to trader, when you are Discretionary Trader.
    Please drop me an email to "[email protected]" for Assistance in AFL Developments or if you require AFL’s on Profit Sharing Model.
    All The Best!!!
    AFL Professionals,
    (Websites are under construction)

Portfolio Management Services (PMS) and Stock Management Auto trading Software

With the diversified experience of more than 12 years in the equity, derivatives and commodity market, we have developed a Highly Accurate “BUY SELL SIGNAL GENERATING SOFTWARE” Based on the Technical Analysis, Traded volume and Trend reversal for NSE, NFO, MCX and FOREX. It’s an ultra-accurate genetic algorithm and artificial intelligence powered automatic buy and sell trading software best suitable for Indian Stock market trading.
Salient Features of the Software

• Formula based on 6 technical indicators and sideways detector with an accuracy of 90-95%.
• No technical knowledge required anyone can understand our trading system.
• Both Intraday and Positional signals are generated through clear Entry & Exit points with Stop Loss and Targets levels [Target 1 & Target 2].
• Multi–time frame strength like 5 MIN, 7 MIN, 10 MIN, 15 MIN, 1 HOUR, DAILY etc.
. No Technical Knowledge Required.
NOTE: We share our 6 months back tested data of the Scrips we trade with our prospective clients and even our Real Trade Reports (Profit Loss Statements).
For more details, discussion and personal meeting, mail us at our gmail ID- goldengoose4all or call us at 8 three 0 nine 5 five 2 three 0 seven.