Buy shares of Tejas Network through Letter of Offer

Tejas Network has announced ‘Letter of Offer’ for the existing share holders with a discount price.
Can you anyone provide the information on how to apply and what are the documents need to be enclosed?
I don’t see any option in Zerodha Kite. So can anyone provide the necessary information, on how to make the payment and how to apply for this offer.

You can apply for this on Console> Portfolio> Corporate action order window once the offer is open. The entire process is explained here.

The Offer Opening Date is on October 11, 2021. More details here.

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Hello, I cannot see the company is listed in the ‘Corporate action’ section. Can someone confirm this is a correct place to check the offer to buy

Thanks for your reply Shruthi.
Offer is already open, but i am unable to see the details under ‘Corporate Action’ window.
Can you please suggest, what could be the alternate option or any other way to apply for this offer.

The takeover isn’t open on Console as the Current Market Price is higher than the ‘Takeover price’. If you wish to participate create a ticket.

Check out our bulletin for more details.

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For takeover, if the client has not applied or participated, What will happen to the shares?

For Ex ( A ) company is acquiring or takeover of the ( B ) company, The Client has B company shares and not applied.

This depends on the company, they can either announce this again or the shares will be debited after a few days from the client’s demat account without pay.