Hi ,
Please clarify my doubts on below:-

  1. what is the difference between “SBI Blue Chip Fund - Direct Plan - Growth” and “SBI Blue Chip Fund - Direct Plan - Dividend” ?
  2. As I am already investing 2500 in SBI BLUE CHIP from SBI MF platform, and Suppose I took 2500 SIP in SBI BLUE CHIP from COIN, so both will treat in same manner or not ?
  3. Can I able to check my COIN SIP into my SBI MF platform or not?
  4. Can I took SIP based on my monthly saving ? Like Suppose I took SBI BLUE CHIP from COIN which having starting amount 5000 and from next month may i invest in same as below :-
    1st Month -> 5000 INR
    2nd Month -> 2500 INR
    3rd Month -> 1000 INR
    4th Month -> 10000 INR etc

Please reply me with updated information .

  1. When you are investing in a growth option of a particular scheme, the profits are reinvested to the scheme which results in the NAV rising over time. There are no realised gains unless you redeem/sell the units. In the case, of a dividend option for the same scheme, the dividends are declared and paid as per the discretion of the fund manager. The dividends are only paid out when the scheme makes a profit. Also, when the dividend is declared on a record date then the NAV released for that same date would have factored in this dividend amount.

  2. Do you mean if it will be invested in the same fund if invested from 2 different platforms ?

  3. You can verify with SBI with respect to the amount invested and units that have been allotted through your purchase on COIN.

  4. When you start, you need to mention a particular amount which will be invested as per the frequency that you have selected. In the scenario which you have mentioned, there is no fixed amount invested every month, so you would have to manually place the buy order every month.

For Point 4 :-
Suppose I bought SIP “A” whose initial amount is 5000 INR.
So for 1st month , I paid 5000 INR and then mentioned like 1000 INR per month .
So From next month onward, 1000 INR per month will be deduct from my Zerodha Amount.
And suppose if I want to invest more then i can invest in same SIP other then monthly premium…
And everything will be calculated into same SIP .

Is it possible ?

For Point 2:-
Yes… Same fund as SIP “A”.
First I bought from A’s Website and Now I am going to buy on COIN. So both amount I can able to see from A’s website or not ?

Yes, you can invest more amount on any specific day. Just open the fund page and click on the BUY direct tab and place the order.

Why would you buy it from A’ website when you are getting the convenience of investing in the same fund from COIN ? :slight_smile:

If you have invested in the same fund from COIN and if you are trying to view it in your portfolio window (on the AMC’s website) then you will not be able to view the same. But, if you request them for a statement or if you generate a Consolidated Account Statement ( CAS) from camsonline then you might be able to view your investments in the same fund irrespective of the source of investment.

Thanks Faisr,
Why I asked Because I am already investing 2500 INR per month into SBI BLUE CHIP FUND (D) which I took from SBIMF website.
So I just want to cross check that what will happen if I will take some 2500 INR per month into SBI BLUE CHIP FUND(D) from COIN.