Buy stock @ attractive price

How to find the stock to be bought at attractive price.
I have purchased Larsen and tourbo share last week on basis of 1 months low near 1280 for delivery but it has broken the 1 month support low price.
Ashwani gujral gave the tip last week to buy stock for delivery target of price 1365 with stop loss of 1280.

I believe there is nothing as such called or atleast one can’t be sure all the times of what is “attractive price”, can check this.
Instead depending on others call, may be one can do their own work, I believe this is a good starting point if you are interested and willing to put some efforts.

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Could you please answer some questions for me ?

Ques : Are you investor, trader or both ?

Ques : Do you invest in value, price or both ?

Ques : What are time horizon for short term, mid term and log term investments as per you ?

Already he told na Ashwani Gujral gave the tip then why r u asking investor or trader LOL

Bas name hi kafi hai :wink:
Never trust a person who keep posting about his Intraday profits in 6 digits but still using pirated windows :joy::sweat_smile::sunglasses:

Although siva is right, there is nothing called attractive price, and no method is risk proof.

But I will give one method to find attractive stocks right now - Please take this as an opinion as I am not an analyst or expert

Now we are seeing entire year these stocks are making new highs every few days - TCS, INFY, HDFCBANK, BRITANNIA, JUBLFOOD, HINDUNILVR, RELIANCE, BAJFINANCE, KOTAKBANK, INDUSINDBK etc

So if one can find any of these stocks lower than their previous high, by 3-5% whatever (it wont be 10+ % becoz these are outperformers), then that seems attractive price to me

Risk in this method -> Nifty is at all time high, what if suddenly it reverses direction towards 10500, then these stocks would definitely not go for next all time high right?

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I’m a trader