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I have bought some share of a stock in CNC. After 1/2 days Can I buy extra some share of same stock in CNC without selling the previous purchased share?

Yes, you can accumulate the stocks whenever you need without selling the stock in your holdings. You only need to have sufficient fund in your account to buy the stocks.

Please go through Varsity chapters to learn more about this.

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You can buy any stocks you want any market day at market hours the only thing to be informed is that while selling cnc stocks margin of 20% will be blocked for that day and next day you can use that fund.

I have stock and I want to buy some more share of same stock…but the price showing average price…so my previous holding share profit goes down after doing share price average…so can I sell share seperately on the basis of previous holding stock purchased that I bought former?


Kindly check the support article. We have answered these common queries. In your case, it will be considered as intraday since you are purchasing and selling the stocks on the same day using the CNC code. And it won’t affect your buy average of existing holding. It will be considered as an intraday and the profit/loss will be settled in your trading account.

Can I buy stock in cnc and can sell that stock on same day? Or can I sell that on t+1 day? When will I get my amount + profit?

If the stock isn’t in Trade-To-Trade category. You can buy in CNC and sell it on the same day, this will be considered as a intraday trade.

For buying and selling on same day, as you’re doing an intraday trade, any profit you take will be available for trading once settled in T+2 working days.

For BTST trade, you’ll receive 80% credit when you sell the shares, remaining 20% will be available for trading from the next day onwards. More details here.

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Thank you

Can I sell the stock on t+1 or t+2 days, I mean can I sell the stock in cnc before t+2 days

You can, as explained above, if the stock isn’t in Trade-To-Trade category, you can sell it anytime before T+2 settlement.

For stocks that are Trade-To-Trade, those can only be sold after they are credited to your Demat account once the T+2 settlement happens.

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