Buy stocks in nse n bse at same time

Is it possible to take a buy or sell trade at same time both in nse n bse ? (Nt asking abt arbitrage trade)

If i see an opportunity suppose at buy side n dnt want to put all eggs in one basket, cn i buy half quantity in bse n half in nse ?

Will tse be 2 different trades n i cn square off separately

@Varun_Katyal : You can very well do so . there is abstrusely no restriction . suppose you want to buy 100 shares of XYZ company which is listed at both the exchanges , YOU CAN BUY 99 SHARES AT NSE AND 1 SHARE AT BSE . it will be treated as 2 trade and you have to square off both accordingly.


yes, you can. Although I don’t see the need for it.

I don’t see them as 2 different baskets. They are just one. Maybe just like the left side and right side of a single basket. If it falls on either side, the eggs on both side will definitely break. Therefore, find better diversification ideas.

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Was waiting fr this reply
Suppose i buy when an institution buying and i split quantities in nse n bse n on nse, my sl gets hit, cn easily get out of trade on bse …cn take advantage of the 2-3 mins time which is alwsys thr b/w 2 exchange

as per my experience you will not get 2-3mins time. it will hardly be 2-3seconds.

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