Buyback eligibility online

Is there any online link where we can see buyback amount eligible? I didn’t receive mails at home address . Want to check it online any websites or zerodha section Available?

@Ronak_Mota, buyback if it is proportionate method direct from shareholder has to be done only through your broker . buyback information is available on bse website and also on company plus registrar website during the schedule .
if it is open market buyback shareholders can not participate .

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I don’t want to put order for buyback.
I wanna know my eligible amount. Like ipo allocation can be seen in linkintime. Is there any website or broker section to know my eligible amount?

Dude it’s simple. If you held the shares in your demat as of the record date, you are eligible.

You will get a email at your registered address regarding the eligible number of shares of buyback. If you haven’t received any such communication most probably you are not eligible for buyback. Not aware of any portal which has that info, you need to contact investor relations of that company