Buyback of Eclerx Services Ltd

what is the record date for participation in Eclerx Services Ltd buyback offer? @Bhuvan

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It has not yet been fixed. The buyback first needs shareholder approval through postal ballot.

Which stock buy between Gandhi special tube & Eclerx

Will this be available on Q?

Received 'Letter of Offer" from eClerx yesterday. Entitlement ratio seems to ~11.5%.
Tender period will open on Thursday, February 22, 2018 and close on Thursday, March 8, 2018.

@Srinivas, @Bhuvan, @nithin

Any idea whether the eClerx buyback will happen through Q-Backoffice> Portfolio > Buy Back (like the earlier WIPRO and INFY buybacks)?

@lindo, thanks for the update :tophat:

@nithin @Srinivas Buyback option for ECLERX is not available in Kite yet. Any timeline for this to enable?

The record date to determine the eligibility was February 5th. The buyback opens today and closes on March 8th. The company is buying shares at a price of Rs.2000 per share amount to Rs 258 crores or 3.24% of the total paid-up capital.

Anurag, to participate in buyback you will have to fill, sign and email the tender form to [email protected].

@Bhuvan. Thanks a lot for quick response. I was hoping to have the option in Buyback section. Any specific reason for not having the option in Q?

We’ll open up the order collection window on Q for larger issues. This is a really small buyback worth Rs 258 crores so, it doesn’t make sense.